When you plan to buy equipment for skiing, a ski helmet is often what comes to your mind first. The best ski helmets will be able to keep you safe as well as making you comfortable while playing. If you are going to buy yourself a ski helmet, make sure it is of the top high quality (or you could read a good buying guide to make sure of it). Remember that no injury will be as severe as head injury. There are many features that you should know when you go out and buy a ski helmet. All the things such as innovations, weight, size and style are among the features that you need to pay attention to when you buy a helmet. In this article, I will give a brief introduction of what is inside a helmet as well as what you need to look for when you want to buy one.

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There’s a lot to learn about fly fishing flies, but to make it simple there are basically two main types. There are wet flies and dry flies.

Wet and dry flies are both designed to catch fish, but one is made to work underwater (wet) and one made to float on the water (dry). Pretty basic stuff.

How a fly is made is what makes it a wet fly or dry fly. Lets cover the dry fly first.


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Most of us don’t think of rafts when we think of fly fishing. A fly fishing raft? Thankfully there’s people smarter and more innovative than us.

these rafts are a great marriage between a regular whitewater raft and and a dual casting platform drift boat.

There are two rafts i’m going to talk about. The first is the traditional whitewater raft that has been turned into a fishing raft. The second is one of the most innovative rafting creations i’ve ever seen, but first the traditional raft turned fishing master.


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Fly fishing tackle is the guts of the sport. This is the stuff you can’t do without. It’s more important than the fly rod and reel, you can fish without those. You simply can’t do without fly fishing tackle.

Remember when you were a kid and you’d find some discarded monofilament fishing line beside a river or lake? You’d stuff it in your pocket then scour the bank until you came across a fishing hook. Then you’d tie a hopelessly complicated knot to secure the hook to line, then hunt for something meaty to skewer onto the hook and pretty soon you were fishing. Sometimes (especially if you were using live grasshoppers) you’d end up with a nice trout at the end of the line.

That’s the only fly fishing tackle you really need, fishing line and hooks. Of course were older now, and we want it easier, we want the fly rods and fly reels, but the tackle is still the basic necessity every fisherman needs.


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Wild camping and bushcraft courses are provided by Forestry Commission. For anyone looking to start out with a family, these are a good introduction to sleeping outdoors. Knowledgeable rangers provide advice on fire lighting and shelter building.



The National Trust allows wild camping at Tremayne Quay, a stopover that can be included as part of a longer family hike along the South West Coast Path. Like the Forestry Commission, the Trust hosts family days, and encourages kids to try wild camping. Wild camping and survival skills are available as part of working holidays the Trust provided.


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