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The overall rates of injury by sport were as follows: soccer, 6.66 per 1000 AEs; volleyball, 3.68 per 1000 AEs; and basketball, 2.86 per 1000 AEs. Conclusions: Female middle-school athletes displayed comparable injury patterns to those seen in their high-school counterparts. Future work is warranted to determine the potential for improved outcomes in female middle-school athletes with access to athletic training services.

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Article Body. Acute and overuse injuries are common in jumping sports like basketball and volleyball. Acute injuries include bruises (contusions); cuts and scrapes (lacerations); ankle, knee, or finger sprains or fractures; shoulder dislocations; eye injuries; and concussions. Overuse injuries include patellar tendonitis (also called jumper’s knee) or Osgood-Schlatter disease, spondylolysis (stress fracture of the spine), rotator cuff tendinopathy, stress fractures, and shin splints.

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Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) Injury Like ankle sprains, most ACL injuries in volleyball players occur when a player lands awkwardly after jumping. Usually ACL tears are associated with a "pop" and immediate knee swelling. Examination by a physician and MRI are often used to confirm the ACL injury.

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Injury to the medial collateral ligament is most common following a blow to the outside of the knee and can be often be treated with ice, bracing and a gradual return to activity. An injury to the anterior cruciate ligament is a more serious injury and can occur with an abrupt change in direction and landing for the jump.

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Make an Appointment for a Basketball Injury. If you have a basketball-related injury, UPMC Sports Medicine's orthopaedic surgeons, athletic trainers, and physical therapists can help. We'll speed up your recovery and restore function so you can get back on the court. Contact UPMC Sports Medicine at 1-855-93-SPORT (77678) to schedule an appointment. Learn More About Common Basketball Injuries

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Preventing Volleyball Injuries. The following types of volleyball injury prevention exercises and training are some of the best ways to prevent volleyball injuries in the sport and ensure players' safety throughout the season. Interval training. Volleyball requires a different type of endurance than other sports, such as long distance running.

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1. Volleyball Ankle Injuries. The most common volleyball-related injuries involve the ankle, and ankle sprains are the most common injury in the sport. Most ankle sprains are not severe and require only a few days or weeks of rest – and sometimes physical therapy. More severe ankle injuries can result in fractures and ligament/tendon injuries that may require surgery.

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The most common volleyball injuries are to the knees, shoulders, and lower back. Ankle sprains, hand damage, and bruises are also common. Concussions, though rare, can occur. Here is a list of 11 common volleyball injuries: Ankle injuries; Patellar tendinitis; Shoulder pain; Bruises; Finger injuries; Rotator cuff tears; Lower back pain; Labral tears; Concussions