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Matchstick Puzzles With Answers | Genius Puzzles

Matchstick Puzzles With Answers #1 - Next number in Matchsticks Sequence Puzzle. Can you identify the next number in this viral matchsticks Puzzle? #2 - Decipher MatchSticks Puzzle. Can you decipher the two rows to find the hidden word? Just flip the two rows 1 and 2... #3 - Floating Fish MatchStick ...

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Matchstick Math Puzzles to Warm-up Move, add or remove 1 or several matches on this page with mind power. Look for the correct answers after each puzzle. Various solutions for a puzzle are also possible.

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Answers copyright: www.mathinenglish.com Read the clues and rearrange the matchsticks to solve the puzzles. Remove 5 matchsticks to get 3 squares Move 2 and remove 1 matchstick to get 1 Remove 2 matchsticks to leave 2 squares Remove 3 matchsticks to get 3 squares

Compilation of Matchstick Puzzles With Answers | Genius Puzzles

Compilation of Matchstick Puzzles With Answers #32 - Form Seven Squares Match Stick. In the given picture, you can see a figure made with twenty matchsticks. In this... #33 - Hard MatchStick Problem. You can see five identical squares made with blue matchsticks in the given figure. You... #34 - ...

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You will be surprised how many fun things you can do with these little sticks. Stock up on a box of matches and patience. Try to solve the puzzles yourself. ...

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Matchsticks Riddles And Answer | Best Riddles and Brain Teasers

Matchsticks Riddles #1 - Logic Puzzle Using Matchsticks. In the picture that is attached with this question, you can find a square which... #2 - Floating Fish ToothPick Riddle. Below toothpicks/matchsticks indicate the group of fishes moving from west to east... #3 - Next number in matchstick Brain ...

Matchstick Puzzles! - Let's have fun with matchsticks!

Here is the collection of matchstick puzzles I have found since I was a child. The questions can be about triangles and squares, numbers and words, and even some special topics which you will never think about them. Please have a look and solve it one by one. You will find them very interesting.

Matchstick Puzzles

Hard. Extreme. Credit: The Moscow puzzles (1972) Boris A. Kordemsky. The length of a matchstick is 1 unit, so in the layout above 12 matchsticks were used to create an area "W" of 3 square units. (see puzzle 121 and also how area W was calculated below)