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Improve Your Tennis Game: Australian Formation Doubles

Australian Formation in Doubles. Ben Zaiser, Head Tennis Professional at the USTA National Campus, offers a doubles tip from Down Under to help improve your team’s chance for success. The Australian doubles formation is a tactic for varying position on serve. The net player sets up directly across from the opposing net player, while the server is closer to the middle of the court.

Doubles – Australian and “I” Formations

Doubles Australian and “I” Formations. March 10, 2019 /. in Doubles /. by Gary Garner. Playing good doubles is an art. When played correctly it is a game of fast hands, anticipation, and deft volleys. Above all else, it is a game played by two people on the same side of the net. Your team is functioning at its maximum efficiency if both players enter the same point.

Mix It Up With The Australian Formation in Doubles - Tennis Tips

Mix It Up With The Australian Formation in Doubles. Many players approach doubles the same way. For example, when serving from the duece side, the server will stand out wide and his/her partner will stand in the center of the opposite box and await the return. However, depending on the strengths or weaknesses of your team, you may want to give your opponents a different look.

Doubles Formations – Tennis Talk

Aussie formation is an effective form of the Eye set up. Both players position themselves on the same side of the Centre line. This formation really takes away the Crosscourt and middle returns. If you come across a great Crosscourt returner, use the Aussie formation to break their rhythm and force them to change direction down the line.

Tennis Doubles: How to Use Aussie Formation 2018 - YouTube

Doubles mistakes revealed: Former Top 100 ATP Pro, Jeff Salzenstein, is exposing 3 common mistakes that could be crippling your and your partners doubles pot...

Australian Formation in Doubles - EzineArticles

The Australian formation can be used by a doubles team when serving. Instead of the servers partner standing in the opposite court to the server, he stands in the the same court as the server. This strategy can be effective against a player who has a strong cross court shot. In the Australian formation the left or right court is left open on purpose while the other court is strongly guarded by the net man.

What is Australian formation in tennis?

Australian Formation: An advanced doubles tennis tactic The Australian formation is where both players (the server and the server's partner) stand on the same side of the court. Popular Trending

Tennis Server - Wild Cards - Australian Doubles Strategy

Australian Doubles is a poaching formation. Think of it as switching before the point. Switching puts your net player opposite the receiving team's net player (instead of kitty-cornered).