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Pipeline Passing. This bumping drill requires two players. Draw two lines on the ground about 10 feet apart. All passing takes place between the two lines. The first player bumps the ball to his partner and then shuffles sideways to touch the right line before shuffling back into position to receive the return bump.

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The player designated to toss the ball will toss the ball directly to the passer which the passer then returns back to them. The next toss will be over the passer’s right shoulder. The passer will pass the ball back and then return to their starting spot. The next toss will be over the passer’s left shoulder.

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Volleyball Bump 2 2 Warm Up Throw the ball in the air and bend your legs, with arms out in front. Bump the ball up using mainly leg movement not arm ... Shuffle Passing

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In this video, you will find 2 drills to warm up and practice the bump pass with three players.Watch the rest of our program for more warm up drills and voll...

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Working in pairs, one player sets the ball to the their partner who moves to meet the ball using good footwork to bump the ball back to their partner who catches the ball. Ensure the player bumping the ball lets the ball bounce on their wrists and only makes minor adjustments to give direction to the ball (back to the setter).

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The drill is fast-paced and designed to get a lot of passing done in a short time period. Note: Player No.3 should toss the second ball before No.2 has caught the first. That way the drill is executed rapidly. Toss Catch Drill. Drill Description: One player tosses the ball at another who passes it back. The idea is to develop consistency in basic passing skills and to make sure passer is correctly using legs not arms and wrist when they pass.

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Drills: A. Partner knee passing. Emphasize platform staying over top of knee. Right foot forward; Left foot forward; B. Belly Bump. Put ball under shirt forcing the platform to stay out and away from the body. C. Side to Side Short . D. Lanes Narrow. E. Lane Narrow with Tilt . F. Lanes Wide with Tilt . G. Shuffle Passing. 3. Bad Posture

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Thus, effective and strategic passing in volleyball is crucial. Before we get to the drills, here is a quick rundown of the kinds of passing in volleyball. Bump. This is the most basic pass in the sport. It is also called a forearm pass because players use their forearms, just above the wrist, to execute this move.