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Volleyball Defense Drills. These volleyball defensive drills will help improve both individual and team defending skills. Volleyball Defense Drills. Perfect Passes. This drill is to practice passing multiple repetitions, staying low and shuffling. Hitting Drill: Turn-Go-Hit. This volleyball drill will practice defensive movements and transition into hitting from defensive movements.

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Great Defensive Drill. Mike Johnson, University of Notre Dame associate head coach and former Xavier University head coach, presents a defensive drill that works on digging and rallies. Your players will get a chance to defend against a full team for a set duration of time to see how many points they can get. Steps for drill.

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Placement Volleyball Defense Drills. The best way to be successful on the court is to know where you should be when the other team is spiking. These placement drills will help your team learn where they should be, depending on where the spike is coming from.

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It looks like a lot to read, so watch the video first and use the instructions below as a reference when you try this drill with your team.3 players start at...

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Volleyball Defense Drills Digging, overhead digging, chasing down tips and deflections, covering hitters ... volleyball defense encompasses a myriad of different situations and these defense drills will help you train scrappy defenders that can handle anything.

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This volleyball drill has the effect on the ability of volleyball players to occupy the right positions for defense and move quickly during the game. Five-on-Five Dig or Die Drill. This volleyball drill has to be practiced by two teams. Each of teams has to consist of 5 players. Doing this volleyball drill helps improve overall team defense.

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digging the hard hit. reading then chasing down the tip while trying to stay on your feet. running down the deep shot to the far Zone 5 corner while trying to stay on your feet. digging a settable ball (high in the court as near to Zone 3 - middle front- as possible) if not possible then to the middle of the court.

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Passing is a key element in volleyball. It leads up to and determines how effective the offense of your team will be and it also plays a vital role in defense. The 8 passing drills in this section are: The X Passing Drill; Ball in a Square; Platform Catch; Serve to Receive; Russian Passing Drill; Shuttle and Pass; Up Down Passing; Rapid Fire